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The seven letters of St. Ignatius of Antioch written on his way from Antioch to be martyred in Rome in about 107 A.D. These letters have been and are a source of great strength and love to Christians everywhere. Now we offer them on tape — a 125 minute, clear as a bell, professionally recorded, digitally mastered, two-tape set with a beautifully presented icon of St. Ignatius at his martrdom. These letters have truly been an inspiration to Christians everywhere — proving that the 2nd century Church remained the same as it had been established by our Lord in the first and as it will remain ever steadfast today and tomorrow.
Order  copies at   $5.00   each.   


Ten years ago the end of one journey brought 2,000 American Christians to the beginning of another. In a bold move, Metropolitan PHILIP warmly received the 17 parishes of the Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC) into the Antiochian Archdiocese. He told them, "Welcome home," and he commissioned them to bring all of America home to the holy Orthodox faith. Since then, those 17 parishes have grown in size and devotion to God, and more than 50 additional churches and missions have been planted in the Antiochian Archdiocese alone.

Highlights of the EOC's journey to Orthodoxy, and of their chrismations were captured in a short documentary video: "Welcome Home." This video has become one of the most remarkable and moving oureach tools used by all Orthodox jurisdictions of the English-speaking world! Thousands have seen this video, and the EOC's pilgrimage has inspired many American Protestants and Roman Catholics along the same path.

With the blessing of Metropolitan PHILIP, the St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology has made plans to produce a sequel to "Welcome Home." The new video "Come Home, America," will chronicle the growth of the former EOC within the Antiochian Archdiocese, and will explore its impact on the Church and on America. Former EOC members and others will reflect on their decision to become Orthodox, and talk about how their lives have changed as Orthodox Christians.

Most importantly, the video will proclaim a new call for all of America to explore and embrace ancient Christianity -- the faith of Peter and Paul.

Now, as part of our fundraising drive to help produce the new video, we are selling copies of the 1987 video, "Welcome Home," for just $19.95. All proceeds will go toward that production.

Order  copies at   $19.95   each.   

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