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Unseen Warfare Series
In these three volumes Fr. Jack Sparks has drawn upon several versions of a classic sixteenth century treatise, SPIRITUAL COMBAT, originally compiled by Lorenzo Scupoli. Used by monks to guide their spiritual labors, it went through several editions in Latin and other languages. A monk called Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain translated the work into Greek, revising in accordance with traditional Orthodox beliefs. Later, Bishop Theophan the Recluse edited and published the work in Russian as UNSEEN WARFARE. Fr. Sparks has rearranged this timeless work in three volumes, recasting it in contemporary language and adding study questions at the end of each chapter -- all with the lay reader in mind. The result is a truly practical resource for those who seek to strive with all their might against the enemies of our soul: the world, the flesh, and the devil. These volumes will be useful for both individuals and discussion groups.

Virtue in the Unseen Warfare

Order  copies at   $7.95   each.   

Victory in the Unseen Warfare

Order  copies at   $9.95   each.   

Prayer in the Unseen Warfare

Order  copies at   $9.95   each.   

Three-Volume Set

Order   sets at   $25.00   each.   


At the very end of the second century St. Irenaeus saw a need to pass on that which the Apostles had preached from the very beginning. So he set out to do so in a simple and direct form. This 100 page book, spiral bound for convenience, is the result. Seemingly lost for many centuries, it was found in 1904 by Archimandrite Karapet Ter Mekerttschian in the Armenian language at the Church of Our Lady in Erevan, capital of then-Soviet Armenia. He published it with a German translation in 1917. Two years later it was published in Patrologia Orientalis, along with an English translation. This fresh version is by Fr. Jack N. Sparks, who was determined that this most valuable testimony of the Apostles should not be neglected in our day. You will find it most useful in your historical and spiritual studies.
Order  copies at   $10.00   each.   

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