"The Holy and Inspired Scriptures are sufficient of themselves for the preaching of the Truth." St. Athanasius of Alexandria


Metropolitan JOSEPH

Hierarchical Overseer

Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of All North America

Scott Speier, M.D.


Dr. Speier attends St. Athanasius Church in Santa Barbara, CA.

Dn. Tom Braun

Board Member

Dn. Tom is attached to St. Barnabas Church in Costa Mesa, CA.

V. Rev. John David Finley

V. Chairman

Interim Dean

Fr. John is attached to St. Athanasius Church in Santa Barbara, CA and is the Chairman of the Antiochian Dept. of Missions & Evangelism.

V. Rev. Jon Braun

Board Member

Fr. Jon is attached to St. Athanasius Church in Santa Barbara, CA.

Paul Goetz

Board Member

Paul lives in the bay area and administrates the Prisoner Education Program.

V. Rev. Gregory Rogers

Board Member

Fr. Gregory is the pastor of St. Catherine Church in Aiken, SC.


Dn. Adam Roberts

Interim Administrator

Dn. Adam is attached to St. Ignatius Church in Franklin, TN.

in alphabetical order

Fr. John Fenton is the pastor of St. Michael Orthodox Church in Whittier, CA. 

Fr. John Finley is the chairman of the Dept. of Missions & Evangelism.

Fr. Matthew Howell is the pastor of St. Herman Orthodox Church in Wasilla, AK. 

Frederica Mathewes-Green is an accomplished writer and speaker.

Fr. Ernesto M. Obregón is attached to the Holy Trinity + Holy Cross Cathedral in Birmingham, AL.

Fr. Gregory Rogers is the priest of St. Catherine's in Aiken, SC and St. Barnabas in Lexington, SC. 


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