Successful completion of this program prepares the student theologically for ordination to the diaconate and other ministry-related vocations. Graduation does not guarantee ordination or job placement. All decisions regarding ordination remain with the student's jurisdictional hierarchy. If a student is seeking ordination, we highly recommend confirming with the respective hierarchy before enrolling​. In addition, we recommend the following courses which aid in practice and theory. 

  • DCN 100: Introduction to Diakonia

    • Students will learn the theory and theological applications of being a deacon. Course material includes specific application in the area of deacons and clergy. Topics include obedience, servitude, and pastoral care. Also, the student will learn how to be in alignment with his priest or bishop (when he disagrees) and why it matters.

  • DCN 101: A Deacon's Practicum​

    • Students will learn protocol for applied practices in the office of the deacon. This includes, but is not limited to, vesting (purpose and names), censing, the gospel, the eucharist, typika, baptism and sacristy care.

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