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What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is an all-in-one solution for distance and hybrid learning, and the only learning platform that brings all stakeholders together to support learning anywhere it happens.  Edmodo is a learning management system often described as a social media platform for schools.  It is that and much more.  Edmodo was founded by educators and has over 10 years of experience in building tools focused on learning outcomes. Edmodo enables exceptionally secure cloud-based collaboration.  Edmodo is the only platform that brings all teachers, students, parents and organizational staff together in one sage, online pale to communicate and collaborate. Edmodo gives educators the tools to share engaging lessons, keep parents updated, connect with other educators, and build a vibrant classroom community.


Edmodo’s Top Tools and Features

  • Teacher and students can collaborate in a secure, closed environment using Edmodo Classes and Groups.                                                                (All students are registered first in St. Athanasius Academy using a valid email for every student and parent. Separate emails must be provided—Edmodo’s secure system will not accept duplicate email usernames, and accounts are password protected). 


  • Class Posts allow secure and open communication that can be monitored and controlled by the teacher using moderation tools and setting class member permissions.


  • Teachers can support synchronous learning and deliver live instruction online with builit-in-Zoom conferencing and white-boarding. (Administrative faculty, Teachers, and Students are only able to access Zoom classes within Edmodo). 


  • Teachers can post Assignments and Quizzes that are electronically submitted and graded. Assignments, quizzes, and grades are scheduled by the teacher with email Notifications. (Students can set up email notifications in their profile/settings).


  • Edmodo Polls and Wellness Checks, built-in survey tools, can be used to check for understanding and quick assessment of students’ wellbeing.


  • Teachers and students can store and share documents and files in a wide variety of formats in the cloud-based environment of the Edmodo Library and Backpack, as well as connect their Google drive and Microsoft Office 365 account to their Edmodo account.


  • Teachers can maintain a personal content library and share content with student members using Shared Folders, and can locate additional content linked within Edmodo.


  • Parents can create a Parent Account to connect with their child’s classes and use Messages* to communicate directly with their child’s teacher.   (“Parent accounts” have limited viewing permissions. ie: Progress grades are only viewable in the Student account.  *In the event of time-sensitive correspondence please email or call/text the teacher.  Contact information will be provided during orientation or in the syllabus).