Events & Conferences

September, 2020

Orthodox Parenting Online Conference

Theme: Difficult Conversations

Keynote: Dr. Philip Mamalakis

Saturday, Sept. 29th 2020, 12-4 PM Eastern

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1-Fr. Patrick Cardine "Is God Real?"
2-Fr. Raphael Barberg "Sexuality"
3-Presv. Kerry Pappas "When Parents Disagree"
4-Fr. Michael Nasser "The Influence of Friends"
5-Kh. Gigi Shadid "Sibling Rivalry"
6-Fr. John Finley "Discipline vs. Anger"
7-Dr. Philip Mamalakis "Difficult Conversations"

February, 2020

Orthodox Parenting Online Conference

Keynote: Bp. John of Worcester

Saturday, Feb. 2 2020, 12-4 PM Eastern

1-Fr. Patrick Cardine "Evangelizing Our Children"
2-Dr. Philip Mamalakis "Difficult Conversations"

3-Fr. John Finley "Spare The Rod"

4-Elissa Bjeletich "Motherhood Expectations"

5-Jamil Samara "Screentime & Technology"

6-Steve Christoforou "Family-Based Youth Ministry"

7-Fr. David Smith "Overcoming Boredom"

8-Bp John "Parenting Adult Children"

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