Online Homeschool Tutorial

A Homeschool Tutorial at St. Athanasius Academy


This tutorial exists to aid parents in the teaching of the faith to their children. This tutorial is a supplement designed to support the parents in the areas where help is desired. Our tutors teach according to this model and encourage weekly engagement between the child and family during the semester.

Students experience live engagement with each other and the tutor through our virtual classroom software, Our tutors will lead 5-10 students in a private video conference call each week. The video conference calls are 60-90 minutes long. Login details are provided the week before the semester begins. Parents are allowed to silently monitor live video sessions.

We hold to the universal Christian Faith that has been believed everywhere, always and by all, embracing St. Vincent of Lerins’ ancient hermeneutic of universality, antiquity, and consensus.

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Enrollment is closed for the spring semester of 2020.

Tuition is $97 per semester for each subject. 75% of tuition is paid to the tutor. The remaining 25% is for overhead, expenses, and administration.

For example, if a student was enrolled in three subjects for the fall semester, tuition would equal $291. We follow a "per semester" enrollment for families who may not want to enroll in both semesters of a subject area.

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