2022-2023 Academic year  

Enrollment for 2022-2023 courses is no longer open. 

**Openings only in 3 High School Spring 1/2 term General Electives**

Health & Wellness

Criminal Justice

Personal Finance

Please email Admin@saaot.edu to enroll today!

Please check back mid-March to register for the 

2023-2024 academic year.

Thank you!

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KeimTime Learning

4th & 5th Grade

Middle School & High School

All classes are Eastern Time Zone

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+ All High School & Middle School core subjects are $430 per class for the year because they meet twice a week.

+ Elementary grades for 4th & 5th and General Academic classes that meet once a week are $320 per class for the year.

+ KeimTime Learning are pre-recorded lessons and are $200 per grade for the year.

+ Classes that meet once a week for one-semester, such as Personal Finance, Health & Wellness, and Photography are $160 per class.


Due to our low cost, we are not able to offer a discount if multiple students from the same household enroll in the same subject.

Multiple students from the same household in class will still result in the same amount of work for the teacher.


Please refer to our FAQ page regarding refunds and/or class withdraw fees

Class transfers are subject to a $15 admin processing fee before July 16th, $30 after Enrollment deadline.

SAA reserves the right to decline a transfer request.

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(For grade placement, please utilize our assessment recommendations at "Placement Testing"

Enrollment is NOW closed!

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