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The roadmap is available to help parents select the most appropriate class level for their child. These are only recommendations. 

We believe the roadmap for elementary school and foreign languages are self-explanatory, so we have only included middle and high school on this page.


English 6th grade

English 7th and 8th grade: A two-year rotation of curriculum.

English 9th and 10th grade: A two-year rotation of curriculum.

English 11th and 12th grade: A two-year rotation of curriculum

The Hobbit: 6th-8th grade (1/2 term class)

Tolkien Literature: 11th or 12th grade

Creative Writing: 10th-12th grade


Math 7/6: 6th or 7th grade

Pre-Algebra: 7th or 8th grade

Algebra 1: 8th or 9th grade*

Algebra 2: 9th or 10th grade

Euclidean Geometry: 10th to 12th grade

Personal Finance: 12th grade (1/2 term class)


Marine Biology 6th grade

Anatomy: 7th or 8th grade

Physical Science: Earth 8th or 9th grade* 

Biology: 9th or 10th grade

Chemistry: 10th or 11th grade

Health & Wellness: 11th or 12th grade (1/2 term class)

Intro to Physics: 11th grade

AP Physics: 11th to 12th grade

Social Studies/History

Social Studies 6/7/8 graders: Early Modern History

World History: 8th or 9th grade*

American History & Geography: 9th or 10th grade

Civics & Economics: 11th or 12th grade

Criminal Justice: 10th to 12th grade

Orthodox Studies

6th grade:  New Testament

7th to 9th/10th grade: Encountering our Women Saints

7th/8th grade:  Lives of the Saints

8th/9th grade:  Virtues & Passions 

9th/10th grade:   Compelling Conversations

9th to 11th grade:   Old Testament

9th to 12th grade:   Early African Christianity 

10th to 12th grade: Know the Faith

11th grade: Missionaries, Martyrs, & Modern Saints

12th grade: Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives


*Counts as a High School Credit

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