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Schedule 2019-2020


All times shown are in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME ZONE and are approximately 60-90 minutes. The time shown is when the class starts. We do our best to keep the same schedule for Fall & Spring Semesters.

Middle School Schedule

High School Schedule

Middle School, 6th-8th Grades


Pacific Time Zone


8:00 AM- Lives of the Saints with Fr. Michael Heningham


8:00 AM - Virtues & Passions with Fr. Paul Girgis

10:00 AM - New Testament with Fr. Joel Gillam


High School, 9th-12th Grades

Pacific Time Zone


12:00 PM - English with Fr. Fred Shaheen


8:00 AM - World History with Fr. James Purdie


10:30 AM - Virtues & Passions with Fr. Paul Girgis


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